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At City of Marshall, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

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There are a number of easy ways to save water, and they all start with you. When you save water, you save money on your utility bills. Here are just a few ways... Learn more...

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Coats For Our Community

The 4th Annual Coats For Our Community Coat Drive is now taking place inside Marshall City Hall. Once again the need for warm coats and jackets of all sizes are here as cold weather is upon us. The generosity of the community of Marshall now and as in the past has always been welcomed with warm hearts and warm bodies. We here at City Hall want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who donates and puts their thoughtfulness into giving so that others can receive something so important to them this winter. COATS!! You CAN make a difference. We see it every day. If you have a clean new, or like new  jacket, coat, hats or gloves that you would like to donate or that you might be in need of PLEASE come...

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Technological Breakthroughs from 2016:  Can Virtual Reality Help Paraplegics Regain Mobility?

Technological Breakthroughs from 2016: Can Virtual Reality Help Paraplegics Regain Mobility?

Last month we reported on many positive stories from 2016 —good news that you might not have heard:  Desalination plants bringing water to the desert, the elimination of measles in all of the Americas, infant mortality rates decreasing in Russia and life expectancy increasing in Africa. Great strides were made in the areas of world health, conservation, and, not surprisingly, technology. This is certainly an era of astonishing technological advancement; the science fiction of yesteryear is the reality of this year. From smartphones to smart watches to smart homes, technology is changing the way we live. And sometimes in amazing ways .  .  .

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